5 Must-See First Friday Shows in Phoenix on October 3

"The Monarch" by Christine Ramirez, acrylic polyurethane on panel, from the "Chaos Theory 14" exhibition in October 2013.
"The Monarch" by Christine Ramirez, acrylic polyurethane on panel, from the "Chaos Theory 14" exhibition in October 2013.
Photo by Kathleen Vanesian.

First Friday heats up tonight with creative works going up all over the city. Here are our picks for shows you will not want to miss this Friday.

"Chaos Theory 15"

Let the pandemonium ensue. The annual collaborative exhibition "Chaos Theory" is back for its 15th installment with just as many artists and wild artworks as ever before. Both returning and new artists make up the 68 participating creatives lending their interpretations to build a whirlwind world for First Friday art fanatics.

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In the order of our often-monotonous everyday lives, a little chaotic art proves to be a welcome distraction for even the most disciplined viewer. "Chaos Theory 15" has its opening reception at Legend City Studios on the October 3, and will be open to the public again on October 17. For more information, visit Legend City Studios' Facebook page.

"Bill Dambrova: The Body Remembers What We Forgot"

Bill Dambrova definitely has a wild side. His oil and acrylic paintings vibrate with color and liven the canvas. Portrayals of cartoonish characters hide among the objects in the painting and challenge the viewer to find his or her own meaning in the created world. Dambrova's new solo exhibition at MonOrchid opens for First Friday and runs through November 1. His paintings invite viewers to step into a limbo of imagination and possibility with a cast of naturally based characters harkening back to his deep interest in natural history and physical healing. These playful creatures are exactly what the doctor ordered for a bad day or general spiritual growth. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

"Walking and Falling"

The exhibition kicking off the third season at R. Pela Contemporary Art gallery promises more than just people tripping around the exhibition hall. "Walking and Falling" is a combined exhibition between multimedia artist Jerry Jacobson and sculptor John Tuomisto-Bell. Curator and New Times contributor Robrt Pela highlights the materials and processes used to create the works shown. Jacobson's street cleaner bristles laid on wet paper create vivid images capturing the process of rusting. On the other hand, Tuomisto-Bell's bronze, patinaed sculptures explore the arrogance of man through the imagery of people perpetually falling through the air. While the exhibition, on display through October 28, creates questions about artistic process, the overarching theme is change or lack thereof. For more information, visit rpelagallery.com.

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