5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix in November

You think Matthew McConaughey is spaced out now? Just wait 'til you see this Christopher Nolan movie.
You think Matthew McConaughey is spaced out now? Just wait 'til you see this Christopher Nolan movie.
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Happy November, movie lovers. It's going to be a busy month for you full of intense dramas, artsy thrillers, and riveting documentaries. Don't get overwhelmed, though. Despite the rapidly approaching Oscar season rush of films, we have five movies that you can't miss this month -- including one for the McConaughnauts out there.

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Interstellar Release Date: November 7

Looks like even Christopher Nolan wanted to get in on the McConaissance action, casting Matthew McConaughey as the lead in his new space drama, Interstellar. Set in the apocalyptic future, the Earth's quickly becoming inhospitable to human life and it's McConaughey's job to jettison out to space to find a new planet for humanity to inhabit. With a supporting cast including Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, John Lithgow, and Casey Affleck, the film is at least going to be star-studded, even if it doesn't quite reach the stars. And with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, you can be sure it'll still have the suspenseful, dramatic backing track that you've gotten accustomed to in Nolan's films.

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Open Windows Release Date: November 7

We all know one of those people who puts a little piece of tape over their laptop webcam to keep snoops from snooping. You might think they're crazy, but after seeing Nacho Vigalando's Open Windows at FilmBar, you'll probably be singing a different tune. Elijah Wood plays a super-fan given access to his favorite female Internet celebrity's webcam after she refuses a meet and greet with him. While that's certainly creepy, what happens next is sure to convince you to be one of those tape tab people, too.

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