5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix This May

Suck on that, Lestat.
Suck on that, Lestat.
Photo by Sandro Kopp, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Stock up on snacks and dig up a cardigan, because this month you're heading to the movies. Jackalope Ranch has rounded up five must-see flicks this May. From arty vampires and time-traveling mutants to the prime of Miss Lindsay Lohan, here's what's worth heading to the theater to watch.

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Auteur Jim Jarmusch's take on vampires is unsurprisingly Twilight averse. Starring Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers) and Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Moonrise Kingdom), the romantic drama centers on the a pair of eternal bloodsuckers named Adam and Eve and how they survive in the shadows of society -- and miles apart. Adam's depression reunites the couple, but sunny days aren't exactly ahead.

As of this writing, the film is scheduled to open Friday, May 9, at Harkins Camelview 5. However, the opening has been pushed back twice before.

Mean Girls

It was 10 years ago that we had ourselves a Lindsay Lohan so full of promise that she passed as a cool, vaguely upstanding role model for youngish girls. Now? Not so much. But we can relive those brief yet splendid days with a screening of what's arguably Lohan's best film: the Tina Fey-penned Mean Girls.

As part of its School's Out Film Series, FilmBar screens the seminal high school comedy at 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, promising a ladies night replete with wine coolers and protein bars (because, hate to break it to you, Kalteen Bars are not a thing). Tickets are $12 to the 21-and-over event and available via www.thefilmbarphx.com. Long live Janis Ian.

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