5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week
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Calendars at the ready? Here's what to mark them with this week, from ancient exploration to a study of film costuming.

"Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science"

It's time to do a little digging. This summer the Arizona Science Center is unwrapping the mysteries of ancient Egyptian culture with the feature exhibition "Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science." This traveling exhibition, created by the Science Museum of Minnesota, lets attendees explore the history and practices of a long-lost period through interactive displays that utilize the science and technology of modern archaeologists.

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Special features include an actual human mummy, forensic scans and facial reconstructions, animal mummies, a re-creation of an Egyptian tomb, a life-size replica of a mummy being unwrapped, and art and artifacts on loan from the Brooklyn Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Discover "Lost Egypt" now through Monday, September 1, at 600 East Washington Street. Admission for this featured exhibition is $26.95 for the general public and $8 for members. Science Center hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For more information, visit www.azscience.org or call 602-716-2000. -- Katie Johnson

Marilyn da Silva's The Trouble with Magic (2010) is composed of copper, sterling silver, brass, bronze, wood, gesso, colored pencil.
Marilyn da Silva's The Trouble with Magic (2010) is composed of copper, sterling silver, brass, bronze, wood, gesso, colored pencil.
Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery. M. Lee Fatherree.

"Turning the Page"

Futuristic thriller, historical fiction, raunchy romance novel... Artist Marilyn da Silva has a different summer read in mind. This sculpture artist turned storyteller is taking a visual approach to the medium of the written word, with her newest exhibition, "Turning the Page."

In this five-month show, Marilyn da Silva makes her narrative works come alive with symbolic images of books, birds, houses, rabbits, and seaside scenery -- all constructed through da Silva's signature use of metal with a gesso surface treatment and vibrant colored pencil. "Turning the Page" is on view through Sunday, August 10, at the SRP Gallery inside the Mesa Arts Center, One East Main Street, Mesa. Admission is free. Hours Tuesday, July 1, are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit www.mesaartscenter.com or call 480-644-6500. -- Katie Johnson


One of Nicole Kidman's costumes from Moulin Rouge! is on view at Phoenix Art Museum.
One of Nicole Kidman's costumes from Moulin Rouge! is on view at Phoenix Art Museum.
© Twentieth Century Fox / The Kobal Collection / Sue Adler. Costume Designer: Catherine Martin and Angus Strath

"Hollywood Costume"

Somewhere over the rainbow, we'd 100 percent steal those sparkly ruby slippers right off of Dorothy's dumb feet. We like to think we'd wear them better. But, honestly, the sequined red pumps would probably look silly sans blue gingham dress and braided pigtails.

Such is the power of movies: to create a fixed pop culture image that our brains just can't shake. To explore the iconic costumes of films ranging from Morocco to Moulin Rouge!, head to the Phoenix Art Museum's latest exhibition, "Hollywood Costume." Touchstones like Marilyn Monroe's white dress from The Seven Year Itch and Christopher Reeve's bodysuit, capem, and tights from Superman: The Movie are on view among the 100-some costumes.

Also on view will be a reproduction of the slippers Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz. But hands off; not only because we'll have our eye on 'em, but also because Phoenix Art Museum has, you know, alarms and guards and stuff.

See "Hollywood Costume" at 1625 North Central Avenue. The exhibition is on view through Sunday, July 6. Adult admission to this specially ticketed event is $20 and includes an estimated one- to two-hour viewing time. Hours Wednesday, July 2, are noon to 8:30 p.m. Visit www.phxart.org or call 602-257-1222. -- Becky Bartkowski


At night the TopGolf course lights up with the rings even being able to change color in tune to music.
At night the TopGolf course lights up with the rings even being able to change color in tune to music.
Lauren Hornberger

Topgolf Nights

Just recently, the Valley welcomed its first TopGolf location. If you aren't familiar, TopGolf is like an international goofy golf franchise geared towards grown-ups -- sorta. But aside from getting the word "flogpot" when you flip the name, TopGolf is hardly goofy. In fact, the company is deadly serious about providing the coolest driving range-restaurant-nightclub experience on the planet. And considering that they might just be the only purveyors of such a product, it would appear that the England-based company has the global market locked down. With an amenities list lengthier than Arnold Palmer's resume, it would hardly seem necessary that Topgolf provide any additional incentive for would-be patrons, but their TopGolf Nights do just that.

Throwing drink specials and live entertainment into the kitty, Throwback Thursdays at Scottsdale's Riverwalk Topgolf, 9500 East Indian Bend Road, might very well be the best place in town to throw a few back yourself. Sadly, plaid knickers are not required at 9 p.m. Thursday, July 3. Visit www.topgolf.com or call 480-240-2402 for details. -- Rob Kroehler


{9} The Gallery's home to Arizona Artist Collective.
{9} The Gallery's home to Arizona Artist Collective.
Jeremiah Toller

"Liberty & Justice for Art"

Independence Day fireworks draw the eyes to the spectacular side of this great nation while helping us forget that truth, justice, and the American Way aren't always as simple as waving the flag. The Arizona Artist Collective looks beyond the bombast of the Fourth of July on Friday for its latest show, "Liberty and Justice for Art."

For the AAC's first solo show, 12 artists of the collective explore their own relationship with the ideals of the United States, warts and all. In Larry Willis's The Rising, the menace of war comes alive in acrylic on a triangular canvas as silhouettes of military jets are juxtaposed with the visage of a wary woman. Single-line artist Xandriss highlights the folly of security theater with her work Please Remove Your Belt.

The opening reception for "Liberty and Justice for Art" is from 6 to 10 p.m at {9} The Gallery, 1229 Grand Avenue. Admission is free, and more information about the show can be found at www.azartist.org. -- Jose Gonzalez

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