7 Games We Want to Play at ZapCon 2014 in Phoenix

View a slideshow of ZapCon 2013.
View a slideshow of ZapCon 2013.
Benjamin Leatherman

We're looking forward to reuniting with a few old friends this weekend. These are characters we haven't encountered in ages. They are a bit colorful and animated, to say the least, and go by such unusual names as Jumpman, Contestant One, Liu Kang, and Rastan.

They're the pixelated heroes of the dozens upon dozens of arcade classics that will be available for play at Zapcon 2014 on Saturday and Sunday at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

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Besides all the various tournaments and competitions, screenings of game-inspired movies, and other activities that are scheduled during the two-day event (including an "Atari Lounge" featuring throwback 2600 consoles), more than 80 different old school and vintage titles will be featured.

ZapCon's game list boasts numerous joystick gems you haven't seen for eons or rarities you never knew existed. And a total of 85 pinball units will also be on hand for enthusiasts of the silver ball.

A little of both can be found in our personal list of games that we're looking forward to interfacing with at ZapCon.


This popular Nintendo-produced boxing game from 1984 (which was later adapted to the NES as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!) was featured at last year's Zapcon, and, frankly, it vexed the hell out of us. It seemed considerably a lot harder pounding buttons to put away boxers like Piston Hurricane, Mr. Sandman, and Bald Bull as adults than when we first encountered the game in our youth. We're ready for round two.

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