7 Things That Make New York City Irrelevant to Phoenicians

7 Things That Make New York City Irrelevant to Phoenicians
Nina Gruber

Editor's note: We had so much fun over on Chow Bella, pitting New Yorker-turned-Phoenician Nina Gruber against Phoenician-turned-New Yorker Dominique Chatterjee against each other on the topic of food that we decided to do it again -- and this time, we're talking about culture. Today, we share Gruber's list of things that make Phoenix tops. Come back later this week for Chatterjee's view.

After listing items I missed from the Phoenix food scene while living away, I found myself pondering what characteristics of the city I now cherish after moving back here. I remember coming back to Phoenix during school vacations and realizing how quickly this city is evolving -- spots of cultural interest, art galleries, new and exciting restaurants, gardens, and so much more I don't know about. We have something special here that should never be neglected because of comparisons. So to be that hypocritical blogger, I will prove it, through comparisons.

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7 Things That Make New York City Irrelevant to Phoenicians
Nina Gruber

West Coast Mentality

I have often heard that it is easier for an East Coaster to move west than the other way around, and I do not disagree. And though Phoenix is not a West Coast city (we are a bit landlocked), the easygoing nature associated with our western neighbors certainly rubs off on us. There is a sense of competitiveness, formality, and absolute need for instant gratification that comes with how things are done in the Northeast, which generally means that good stuff gets done, and fast. And getting there to do it? Make sure to clear the path. We may not be as speedy as "the city that never sleeps," but we sure do appreciate our shuteye and don't seem to be lacking too much because of it. So, why so serious, NYC? Cool down, take a breath, have a margarita (or smoke a medically permissible joint), and realize there's no need to rush.

Concert Ticket Ethic

Here in Phoenix, there is the lovely notion that I can decide, day-of, to go to a concert of a band I love. I understand that concerts do sell out here in Phoenix, but the thought of meandering over to grab a ticket for a beloved, slightly popular indie band at the Music Hall of Williamsburg the night of their concert is a bit comical. You see, a slightly popular indie band in Phoenix is almost passé in New York and even further behind the curve in Brooklyn, which means that in a place of 8 million people, the 400 spaces available at a venue get bought out quick. So cherish those tickets you buy for two dollars more at the door of Crescent Ballroom, because they aren't likely to exist in NYC.

Francis Ha was not filmed here.

Really, we should be very happy that this is not the type of character that represents our burgeoning population. I'll stick with Twilight's Bella.

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