9 Indoor Activities to Do During Arizona's Monsoon Season

Adult pickup hockey games take place at the Ice Den several days per week.
Adult pickup hockey games take place at the Ice Den several days per week.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

Summer dust storms are a part of living in Arizona, and they make for some spectacular photographs. But it's no fun to be caught out on a field or in the pool when a monsoon rolls through. At best, you end up with a face full of dust. At worst, you could get struck by lightning.

Considering that we're in for about two or three more months of scattered evening storms, it's good idea to explore some of the Valley's indoor options to stay active. Here are nine of our favorites.

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Hitters of all skill levels can hit off of the pitching machines while staying air conditioned at It's All in the Game.
Hitters of all skill levels can hit off of the pitching machines while staying air conditioned at It's All in the Game.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

9. It's All in the Game

While the indoor baseball and softball facility isn't the first of its kind in the Valley, It's All in the Game's Paradise Lane location (right next to the Peoria Sports Complex) is certainly the most impressive we've seen. With several hitting tunnels, pitching mounds, weight training areas, and a physical therapy facility, the ballplayers' indoor haven can provide a great place to get some work in while staying air conditioned. Top-notch baseball and softball instructors are available to host private lessons and group instruction for everyone from tee-ball teams to elite collegiate and professional athletes, but a reservation is recommended.

8. AZ on the Rocks

With about 14,000 square feet of rock walls and climbing area, AZ on the Rocks is like the city block of a climber's dream. Whether it's your first time climbing or you're a regular Spider-Man, Arizona's biggest indoor rock climbing facility will have a wall to offer you the right level of difficulty. While rock climbing may not be the ideal way for some to spend the afternoon, it's a nearly guaranteed method for tiring out rambunctious children over the course of an afternoon. If you're just not in the mood for climbing, the facility also houses a small weight training area for members and climbers with daily passes. AZ on the Rocks is only open to its members on Tuesday and Thursday nights and can be closed for private events from time to time.

7. Uptown Alley

Think of a bowling alley. Its outdated music, uncomfortable seating and a vaguely disconcerting smell that might be coming from the shoes, but there's really no way of knowing. Uptown Alley in Surprise is exactly the opposite of all of that. Aside from being a significantly upscale bowling alley with spacious couches and plasma televisions, Uptown Alley also sports a full-size arcade, laser tag arena, "sports theater" area full of giant screens to watch your favorite sporting events, a stage for live music, and billiards tables. The food and drink are far classier than expected from a bowling alley, with a full bar and restaurant on-site, and there's a club-like area called The Approach for the 21-plus crowd to bowl and socialize on weekend evenings.


The bar at Topgolf is just one of the indoor options for when a monsoon rolls in.
The bar at Topgolf is just one of the indoor options for when a monsoon rolls in.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

6. Topgolf at Riverwalk

One of the Valley's most discussed new attractions this summer, Topgolf in Scottsdale puts a new spin on the classic driving range. While the actual high-tech golfing area is outdoors, it's completely covered and cooled by fans and misters, so unless a haboob rolls through while you're taking aim at the colorful targets, you're mostly protected from the elements. In the event that the weather takes a terrible turn while you're practicing your swing, Topgolf offers a full bar loaded with gourmet food and drink as well as a television sitting area complete with overstuffed couches and Xbox Kinect. Pool, foosball, and other table games are also available to kill time while a storm passes.

5. Coyotes Curling Club

Everyone's favorite winter Olympics event that no one understands now has its very own training center in the Valley. Tempe's Coyote Curling Club is the only dedicated curling facility in metro Phoenix, and it's a one-stop shop for all of your curling needs. The club hosts a "learn to curl" class every weekend and has games going Sunday through Friday. All the equipment you need to curl is available at the club, the only things you need to bring are some clean athletic shoes and warm clothing.

4. K1 Speed Phoenix

If you ever wanted to be a racecar driver, or just prove to your friends that you'd totally beat them in real life Mario Kart, then you may want to seek shelter from monsoon season at K1 Speed in Phoenix. K1 Speed promotes that it's best for parties and large groups, but we had a great time speeding around the track with just a couple of friends. Also, one of the nice things about this go kart venue is that the karts all use electric motors, so you don't spend the entirety of your time there inhaling the exhaust of the cars. Barring closure for a special event, K1 Speed offers the ability to "arrive and drive" for walk-ins, so no reservations are needed.

3. Xtreme Pursuit Paintball

Westworld Paintball's indoor arena located just off of the 60 and Camelback Road is a tremendous facility. Though it's closed on Mondays, open games are available the other six days of the week, and admission for the day includes as many games as you can pay, you just have to pay for the paint (and equipment rental if you don't have your own). Everyone ages 10 and up is invited to take part in the open games, and instruction on the basics of paintball is included in the orientation video before a game, so don't worry if you've never done it before. Paintball isn't for everyone, but being indoor and air conditioned are two big perks for Xtreme Pursuit over its outdoor competition during monsoon season.


Skaters of all levels are welcome to learn and practice their skills at the Ice Den.
Skaters of all levels are welcome to learn and practice their skills at the Ice Den.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

2. Ice Den

One of the most popular indoor summer escapes in the Valley, the Ice Den in Scottsdale provides a chilly retreat from monsoon season's smothering heat. With two ice rinks and an indoor turf field, the Ice Den hosts a variety of activities for children and adults. There's a public skating session every day as well as pickup hockey games, leagues and several skating classes for all ages. Skates are available for rent, and balancing assists called "skate trainers" can help even the most unsure of new youth skaters get on to the ice. Friday and Saturday nights turn the public skating session into a party with a DJ and light shows.

1. SkyVenture Arizona

Technically, SkyVenture isn't in metro Phoenix, it's actually about halfway to Tucson, but for those who want to experience indoor skydiving, the drive to Eloy should hardly be a deterrent on a sweaty summer afternoon. Even though you'll only spend two to four minutes flying a few feet above the ground, the instructional class and preparation will keep you busy for an hour or two, certainly long enough to prevent the drive from feeling like a waste. As a bonus, the enormous wind tunnel is located right next to SkyDive Arizona, so you get to see all of the terrified people who are preparing to jump out of a plane. It's not a cheap way to spend an afternoon, but if you're looking for something completely out of the ordinary to do, it's hard to come up with anything quite like indoor skydiving. Reservations are recommended.

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