A Grandmother's Advice on Social Media

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Chacho Puebla's grandmother never gave him advice regarding social media etiquette, but he loves her anyway. 

The Madrid-based designer writes that as he gets older, he thinks about the advice he'll give to his grandchildren. 

"My three grandmothers were always giving me sermons instead of tips," he writes. "'Be careful with your money,' 'Don't get involved with that girl,' 'Save,' 'Get a haircut, you look like a hippie,' and all those classic parent, grandparent comments.'"

He's hoping his words of wisdom will be a little more relevant. 

A Grandmother's Advice on Social Media

His latest project -- a collaboration with his sister and photographer named Lula -- is a series of advice he wishes he'd been given by his grandmother, with his grandmother's sister as the subject.  

See more advice on his website.

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