A Nitty Gritty Reunion at 5&6 Gallery

A Nitty Gritty Reunion at 5&6 Gallery
​When Armando Rascon, Pablo Luna, Lalo Cota, El Mac, Brent Atwood, Harry Baldwin, Matt Minjares, Matt Dickson, Keith Knight, and Luiki are together in one room, it's bound to be a good time -- with some seriously good artwork. 

The group of artists were part of The Nitty Gritty -- a series of bi-annual exhibitions from 1998 to 2003 that featured local graffiti artists and graffiti culture. On Friday, they'll be back to celebrate the previous shows with new work and a look at the current local scene. 

The group will host an opening from 7 to 10 p.m. at 5&6 Gallery, 7051 E 5th Ave, Suite E, in Scottsdale. 

For more information, stay tuned for our interviews with the artists, see the video below and check out the 5&6 website

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