A Really Stupid Hat: Royal Wedding Edition

A Really Stupid Hat: Royal Wedding Edition
Princess Beatrice and the vagina hat.

England, we get it, you like the hats.

Big hats, small hats, hats with butterflies, feathers, and huge-ass ribbons.

But your own crazy-eyed Princess Beatrice really took a dive with her vulva-inspired choice for the Royal Wedding.

Note: If you're going to wear a huge, flesh-toned "hat" that even semi-resembles the giant spaghetti monster or the Nuvaring contraceptive, best bet is to not wear it to a wedding where the entire world will be watching, documenting, and quickly choking on their beer tea and crumpets after seeing a giant vagina hat emerge from a limousine.

Update: the hat now has a Facebook page ... and a cupcake.

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