All Pressed Up

Locked away in an old wooden barn in Flagstaff, AZ; a daring rescue on a snowy day; a transformation from what once was to what can be again . . .

Artist Brent Bond’s rescue of Victoria reads like a love story -- until you get to the part where Victoria weighs 1,300 pounds and is actually a 1960 Vandercook Universal I printing press.

“For the next two years and four months, my one-car garage became shop and spray booth,” says Bond. “The press was disassembled, each part cleaned, repainted, and finally reassembled.”

Works from Bond (a master printer and multi-media artist) and Santo Press (the studio he started in 2009 whose existence revolves around Victoria), will be on display at Modified Arts. The collection will feature Bond’s reinterpretations of popular and religious iconography in various media and prints from artists Bond has worked with at Santo Press.

Fri., Dec. 17, 2010


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