Almost Extinct: A Printing Press Alphabet

Almost Extinct: A Printing Press Alphabet

One new idea for every day in 2011. We're talking big, small, local, international, in action and on the drawing board. Here's today's -- what's yours?

Almost Extinct: A Printing Press Alphabet

Tony Davidson admits he's not looking to save the printing press -- he just wants to learn from printing experts who continue to work in a field without computers. Davidson explains: 

Back in the day wood and metal type revolutionized the creative industries.  With the introduction of new technology many type houses now face extinction. Today it is easy for anyone to manipulate typefaces and design layouts.  However, with this new found freedom is there a danger that we lose the knowledge and craft of typographers and designers that worked in the era of the printing press?

The London-based creative's project, Almost Extinct, asks printing press experts to help print and design an alphabet of animals without the use of a computer. The above's a millipede, designed by Michael Johnson. For more of the alphabet, check out the Almost Extinct website.  


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