Almost Infamous

Despite being the writer/director of the cult blaxploitation spoof Pootie Tang and the long-time, Emmy-winning collaborator of Chris Rock, Louis C.K. has never been widely known. But suddenly, there he was, starring in – and subsequently fuming publicly over the quick cancellation of – HBO’s Lucky Louie. As of October 4, he’ll have logged two hour-long specials in two years, an astounding feat at any stage of a comic’s career. Not only that, but he’s working on a third, one showcasing all the apoplectic befuddlement over domestic life and the world at large that’s made him an in-the-know industry favorite.

A week before his Chewed Up premières on Showtime, C.K.’s Hilarious Tour hits the Orpheum Theater.

Fri., Sept. 26, 8 p.m., 2008


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