Jackin' up low riders at Radical Mod
Jackin' up low riders at Radical Mod
Jonathan McNamara

Alt-country, pushing the boundaries of cultural acceptance, and believing in the heart of the cards

Did searching for color-dipped ova left in your backyard by an over-sized specimen of the lagomorpha order leave you lacking in egg-citement this Easter? Consider that you might have gone to one of these events instead of chomping the heads off innocent chocolate bunnies, sicko. They can't help that they're delicious.

Radical Mod at SMoCA
Thursday 3/20

Though not technically a weekend event, it did have low riders, break dancing, Los Super Elegantes and a few bikini models thrown in for good measure.


Yu-Gi-Oh!|Radical Mod|Liz Cohen|Audrey Debauchery and the Puke Boots|Via Maris|Cascade Games

For images from the event, check out our slide show: Culture Crash.

Audrey Debauchery and Via Maris @ Modified Arts
Friday 3/21

She's a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll. The Chico-based singer brought her band the Puke Boots to Modified and kicked it into high gear with songs about heart break and showing off your rooster. Local band Via Maris was also on scene to calm everyone down with country lullabies.

Also, check out the first ever New Times podcast (right click and save as...) featuring Audrey Debauchery and the Puke Boots.

Cascade Games
Saturday 3/22

Yu-Gi-Oh! card game fans of every shape and size came out of the woodwork to participate in Cascade Games, one of the qualifying rounds for the national tournament.


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