An Almost-Star is Born

Hollywood almost-star Lisa Cerasoli has made a sorta-career out of making semi-wrong turns. But however you frame her present, the cutie-pie Arizona State University alum seems satisfied with it, and how she arrived at it.

The Michigan native stumbled onto ASU more or less by chance, earning her theater degree here. Through sheer osmosis, she landed a series gig in H-Town after only months of trying, springboarding that into the recurring/concurrent role of Venus “V” Ardonowski on General Hospital and Port Charles. In 2002, a failed stab at a screenplay turned magically into – voilà! – the beginning of her debut novel, a mod romance about L.A. titled On the Brink of Bliss and Insanity, which won an honorable mention at the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival.

Cerasoli signs On the Brink at D'Vine Wine Bar & Bistro.

Tue., Aug. 18, 5-8 p.m., 2009


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