Get Rococo-loco at Antique Gatherings.
Get Rococo-loco at Antique Gatherings.

Antique Gatherings, Let's Shop

Do you have five hours to kill? No?

Well, you may want to set aside a big chunk of time for this shopping endeavor at Antique Gatherings. The enormous space is jam-freaking-packed with reasonably priced high-end antiques. On a recent trip, we spied everything from vintage designer shoes to authentic Native American-made turquoise jewelry to gold-rimmed fine china to massive chandeliers to huge taxidermy heads.

Ok, breathe.

We're feeling thankful that we were on assignment. Without a task to complete, we may have been seduced into buying something...other than that irrisistible 1950s Phoenix travel brochure we snagged. Hey, it was only $3.

Yep, the visit was as awesome as it sounds. And here's the slideshow to prove it.


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