Anything But Crummy

You know those folks who say they listen to every type of music but country? Rather than slapping them for expressing something so stupid, try something more productive, like introducing them to Carrie Rodriguez.

The Austin-born/Brooklyn-based alt-country darling plays the fiddle while singing songs that are equally friendly to fans of old-timey folk and new-timey pop. Just check out some of the numbers from her most recent release, She Ain’t Me. “El Salvador” swings hard like a jazz standard, and “Absence” sounds as if it popped straight out of the peanut shell-covered wood planks of a Nashville saloon. Yeah, there’s enough crossover appeal on these sleekly produced songs for fans of Emmylou Harris, hi-fi pop music in general, and even those “anything but country” pals of yours.

Rodriguez and her trio perform at Modified Arts. Minneapolis (by way of Belfast, Ireland) pop band Romantica shares the bill.

Tue., May 12, 8 p.m., 2009


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