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    The Hotel San Carlos Star Walk

    ? The Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix has a long and storied history. In operation since 1928, the hotel hosted numerous Hollywood stars in its heyday, including Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, and Gary Cooper. In 1993, the owners o...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Niki D'Andrea on September 1, 2010 @ 9:24 am
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    28: Nathan Feller

    Courtesy of Nathan Feller ? 28: Nathan Feller Nathan Feller's illustrated installations include dental work, hands, rabbits, gas stations, whales and condoms (though not typically in the same setting). They're all unusual, yet daily characters an...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on September 1, 2010 @ 8:00 am
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    Alley Tour: First and Garfield Streets

    Location: Behind Verde Artists: DOSE, SERP, SINEK, ASIK AND CRE More photos after the jump ... Photo by Claire Lawton ? Photo by Claire Lawton Photo by Claire Lawton Photo by Claire Lawton ? Photo...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 31, 2010 @ 3:45 pm
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    Blog About Your Craftastic Self

    http://whatthecraft.com/ ? From time to time, the Thrifty Maker will find, bargain, borrow, steal (not really) to create something a little different. She'll rely on her own skills as a scout of trashy treasures and will sometimes bring in a few e...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Cyndi Coon on August 31, 2010 @ 3:00 pm
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    The Chateau: a New Party House from the Scenesters Behind Rasputin's Equestrian Manor

    ? Eight months after vacating the infamous east Valley party house known as Rasputin's Equestrian Manor (may it rest in peace), the Phoenix nightlife scenesters known as "The Family" have started throwing parties at their new home, a sprawling estate...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Niki D'Andrea on August 31, 2010 @ 12:28 pm
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    Five Calls for Phoenix Artists

    Bust out a red pen and start circling some sh*t. ? If you're a local artist, you've got plenty to keep your hands busy these days. Just check out our recent post that describes some application opportunities. Now it's time to add five more to tha...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Lilia Menconi on August 31, 2010 @ 11:15 am
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    Lunch Bucket Bento

    ? Lisa LeComte packs her lunch bucket almost every day. Except it's not a bucket at all -- it's a bento. The traditional bento is a single-portion meal that usually comes in a plastic container (a bento box) and is common in Japanese cuisine. By com...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 31, 2010 @ 10:00 am
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    Nick Cave's Soundsuits Featured in the September Issue of Vogue

    A Nick Cave soundsuit ? If an eight-page spread in one of the world's most renowned glossies is a quality measure, then the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) really had a good thing last year. Nick Cave's soundsuits, featured exclusiv...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Steve Jansen on August 31, 2010 @ 9:00 am
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    29: Lesli Yazzie

    Courtesy of Lesli Yazzie ? 29: Lesli Yazzie After a world's worth of experience in a variety of occupations, Lesli (Englert) Yazzie has officially taken the plunge into oil painting. The South Dakota native has been a waitress, a massage therapi...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 31, 2010 @ 8:00 am
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    ROQ's Summer Pool Series: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    Are his teeth as white as her bathingsuit? ? While the police are cracking down on pool parties across the city -- prohibiting booze in the pool, shenanigans on the patios and stages near the water -- a few Phoenicians looking to lounge and rela...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 30, 2010 @ 4:15 pm
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    Dumperfoo's "Pick up the Pieces" Tonight at Taste of Tops

    ? Not much beats a good bar with good art. Tempe's Taste of Tops regularly hosts local artists -- photography, painting and mixed-media -- and tonight they're welcoming Adam Dumper, aka Dumperfoo. His name's big in the local hip-hop, street art, a...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 30, 2010 @ 2:32 pm
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    Crip Tips: All About Mesa Arts Center's Patron Services

    Lee Brown shows off some audio description headsets in Patron Services at Mesa Arts Center. ? From time to time, our theater guru, Julie Peterson, dishes helpful advice before you head out the door with your own or your companion's disability. If...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Julie Peterson on August 30, 2010 @ 1:51 pm
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    Parking Fees to be Enforced at Local Trails

    This will no longer be free. ? Looks like the days of free hiking in Phoenix are soon to be over. At least, if you happen to frequent North Mountain Park, Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area (yes, this includes Piestewa Peak), Dreamy Draw ...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Lilia Menconi on August 30, 2010 @ 11:00 am
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    Hell City Tattoo Fest: Highlights of the Best and Worst Tattoos

    ? The Hell City Tattoo Fest took over the Arizona Biltmore this past weekend, and everything from elaborate, artistic back pieces to crappy nipple tattoos were on display. We found some amazing competition (even in the "worst tattoo" contest on Sat...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Niki D'Andrea on August 30, 2010 @ 10:53 am
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    Thinking Inside the Mod Box

    On the corner of Second and Hadley streets in Phoenix, just south of the Warehouse District's Bentley Projects, Vine Saccento is silently building something -- without any tools. Saccento's may be familiar; he opened (and recently closed) Phoenix...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by J Seth Anderson on August 30, 2010 @ 10:04 am
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    Grand Avenue Festival Expands Call For Entries

    ? Add trashy fashion and "guerrilla gardens" to the existing call for artsy rubbish. Along with the second annual "Trashy Sculpture Show" at Bragg's Pie Factory, the Grand Avenue Festival has expanded its call for entries. One is the "Recycled Rubb...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Steve Jansen on August 30, 2010 @ 9:00 am
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    30: David Quan

    Courtesy of David Quan ? 30: David Quan David Quan's an illustrator and fine artist who will tell you that he's been in Phoenix his entire life -- save the two years he was in New York studying cartooning and illustration. He admits that his ulti...

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 30, 2010 @ 8:00 am
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    31: Patricia Colleen Murphy

    Courtesy of Patricia Murphy ? 31. Patricia Colleen Murphy Patricia Colleen Murphy teaches creative writing at Arizona State University at the Polytechnic campus where she is the managing editor of the online literary magazine Superstition Review....

    @ Jackalope Ranch by Claire Lawton on August 28, 2010 @ 10:58 am
  • Nearly Naked's Devil Boys from Beyond Proves Everything Old Is Still Old


    Nearly Naked's Devil Boys from Beyond Proves Everything Old Is Still Old

    I think I need a break from camp. I realized this after attending Devil Boys from Beyond at Nearly Naked Theatre last weekend. It was, I thought, a perfectly executed send-up of old Z-grade science fiction films. But just the fact that I'm typing...

    by Robrt L. Pela on January 20, 2011
  • Fry Girl's Year of Eating Dangerously


    Fry Girl's Year of Eating Dangerously

    "Well, we've got the results from your tests." I'm in the examining room at my doctor's office. It's been three weeks that I've been out of the hospital, two weeks since I swallowed a camera to take thousands of pictures of my intestines -- a Fan...

    by Laura Hahnefeld on January 20, 2011
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