Argentine Titans

"Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship," an exhibition currently at the Phoenix Art Museum, makes clear how mutually influential their relationship was in forging new worlds in both art and literature. On Wednesday, October 30, PAM hosts a symposium centered around the reality of Solar’s and Borges’ Buenos Aires that gave rise to their endeavors.

The Valley lucked out in having a collection of ASU professors well-suited to present during "Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges in Context: Art, Architecture, Literature, and Popular Culture in Buenos Aires, 1920-1940." David William Foster will cover BA’s cultural and socio-historical aspects, and Jose Bernardi will discuss how the architecture and city life influenced Argentine works. Finally, Cynthia Tompkins peels back the layers of Borges’ writings as a film critic. There will also be a roundtable discussion and an audience Q&A.

The symposium will start at 6 p.m. at 1625 North Central Avenue. Admission is free. Visit or call 602-257-1222 for more info.

Wed., Oct. 30, 6 p.m., 2013


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