Art of the City

There are some mighty big brains in Phoenix, and we’re not just talking about the squad of engineering geeks our local universities attract. Researchers now believe that there are different types of intelligence not measured by IQ tests -- including artistic smarts, which will be heavily represented at Artopia, a celebration of local art, fashion, music and food.

Hundreds of nominations poured in for this year’s Phoenix New Times Big Brains Award, which grants a thousand bucks to six emerging Valley artists. Eighteen finalists have been selected, and the winners will be announced during the New Times’ arty party.

The soiree also features performances by EPIK Dance Company, a bar area with beer and One Hope wines, a runway show from the folks behind Phoenix Fashion Week, and a live artists’ display with taggers and painters pimping out the metal containers that hold our weekly tome.

Sat., April 9, 7 p.m., 2011


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