The multicolored building that houses .anti_space may look like a LifeSavers roll on crack, but that's only because it provides a sweet selection of artistic efforts scattered among its seven different galleries and boutiques. Whether it's the surreal metalwork of Waldoism or the punchy photography of Apathamy, you'll never be bored here. 718 N. 4th St.,

You won't find any kooky confectioners or creepy pygmies inside The Chocolate Factory, just the messy workshop and ample art space of edgy Latino artist Hector Ruiz, who specializes in singular sculptures that are emotionally charged and genre-defying. Ruiz also provides space for others, including painters Glen Allen, Steve Yazzie, and Fausto Fernandez. 1105 Grand Ave., 602-920-7560

The Firehouse serves as an art gallery for more than a dozen artists-in-residence, as well as a coffee bar, retail store, and workshop space. There's also a funky wooden stage in the back that hosts comedy shows, theater troupes, and other performance shenanigans. 1015 N. 1st St., 602-300-7575,

Five15 Arts is our favorite downtown gallery. That's because the 12-artist collective continuously offers up some of the most magnificent, stunning, and thought-provoking works around. Peep the alluring ugliness of Laura Spalding's found object paintings, or Alison Wear's quirky photographic curiosities, and see if you agree. 515 E. Roosevelt St., 602-256-0150,

Head north to Garfield Galleria. The eccentric and eclectic works of more than a dozen different studios and galleries — including the powerful photography of Statement Driven and exotic drawings of Carole Hanks — await you.316 W. McDowell Rd., 602-349-3049,

Since opening its doors nearly a decade ago, Modified Arts has allowed creative types the necessary space to show off their stuff to the world. Be it exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculptures, or even performance art, Kimber Lanning's joint has housed it all, as well as helping pave the way for similar galleries/performance venues to spread all over downtown. 407 E. Roosevelt St., 602-462-5516,

Although many downtown galleries have come and gone, Perihelion Arts has stood the test of time, and has become a popular mainstay of First Fridays. The triangular-shaped gallery and bookstore specializes in edgy and provocative contemporary works from such nationally known artists as Scott Saw, Billy Childish, and Mark Mothersbaugh. 1500 Grand Ave., 602-462-9120,

Pravus is on a mission to provide a platform for classy-yet-edgy artwork typically not seen on Roosevelt Row, from folks like graf artist The Mac and surrealist painter Daniel Martin Diaz. 501 E. Roosevelt St., 602-363-2552,

Art both bohemian and bizarre takes center stage at the Trunk Space, as the multifaceted Grand Avenue gallery/boutique/performance venue/coffee bar frequently showcases artistic endeavors that are equally peculiar and pulchritudinous, ranging from the unusual dolls of Camilla Taylor to the darkly stunning photography of Dayvid LeMmon. 1506 Grand Ave. 602-256-6006

From its inception way back in 1929 (long before anyone thought to number Fridays), the Heard Museum has offered an impressive array of traditional Native American art and cultural works. In recent years, the museum has also showcased more modern and thought-provoking pieces from contemporary Native American artists like Steve Yazzie, Hector Ruiz, and Dustinn Craig. 2301 N. Central Ave., 602-252-8848,

Witness the collision of the past and the present at Museo Chicano, a community-based museum focusing on exhibitions of Chicano history and culture from throughout the Southwest, as well as more modern works by such emerging and established Latino artists as painters Marcus Zilliox and Tlisza Jaurique. 147 E. Adams St., 602-257-5536,

Like an art history textbook come to life, the Phoenix Art Museum's collection boasts names like Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Augustine Rodin, stretching from the beauteous masterpieces of 14th-century Europe to the postmodernism of present-day painters. 1625 N. Central Ave. 602-257-1222

Art Awakenings
1014 N. 2nd St.

ASU Downtown Galleria
502 E. Monroe St. (inside Mercado Building C)

Burton Barr Central Library/@Central Gallery
1221 N. Central Ave.

Cathedral Center for the Arts
100 W. Roosevelt St.
602-254-7126 x303

Costello-Childs Contemporary Fine Art
1001 N. 3rd Ave., No. 2

Daughters of the Frozen North
511 E. Roosevelt St.

Exposed Studio & Gallery
4225 N. 7th Ave.

eye lounge
419 E. Roosevelt St.

First Studio
631 N. 1st Ave.

501 E. Roosevelt St.

Gallery Celtica & IL Hayden Studios
509 E. Roosevelt St.

821 N. 3rd St.

918 N. 5th St.

The Icehouse
429 W. Jackson St.

Icon Studio
1205 W. Pierce St.

IN Gallery
909 N. 5th St.

Jordre Studio
1007 Grand Ave.

Karmic Calamity Studio & Gallery
610 E. Roosevelt St.No. 144

The Kitchenette
918 N. 6th St., Unit C

The Longhouse
915 N. 5th St.

Matthew Mayes DesiGn
610 E. Roosevelt St., No. 137

214 E. Roosevelt St.

Occam's Edge Haircutters & Gallery
4212 N. 7th Ave.

Paulina Miller Gallery
817 N. 1st St.

1113 Grand Ave.

Phoenix Center for the Arts
1202 N. 3rd St.

748 W. Pierce St.

Red Dog Gallery
812 N. 3rd St.

Soul Invictus
Gallery & Cabaret
1022 Grand Ave.

Space 55
636 E. Pierce St.

Tilt Gallery
919 W. Fillmore St.

Zao Tattoo & Gallery
925 Grand Ave.


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