Artist Kim Sweet Appreciates the Desert's Subtle Color

Artist Kim Sweet
Artist Kim Sweet
Katie Johnson

Best of Phoenix hit newsstands Sept. 26. In conjunction with this year's Vintage Phoenix theme, New Times is collaborating with R. Pela Contemporary Art to present "Hot Plate!" It's an exhibition of one-of-a-kind, Phoenix-inspired commemorative plates made by local artists. Leading up to the show's Oct. 4 opening, we're profiling each of the contributing artists and visiting their studios. Today: Kim Sweet.

Artist Kim Sweet is mainly a painter, but she also enjoys creating drawings and collages in her down time. These aren't her only skills, though. Sweet says that over the years, she has learned many different skills. The artist has created custom stencils, painted countless murals, learned how to water guild, and how to put leafing on glass.

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Artist Kim Sweet's Studio
Artist Kim Sweet's Studio
Katie Johnson

Sweet started painting when she was 10, and later attended Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her degree in painting. She says that after she graduated, she almost gave up because the reality of living as an artist hit her so hard. She considers herself very lucky to have continued working and made it this far.

What's your earliest memory of Phoenix? The subtleness of desert color. It requires you to look to see its range. And the husband and I came out for a visit in June and went hiking at 11:00 with one bottle of water. Tourists!!  

Artist Kim Sweet's Studio
Artist Kim Sweet's Studio
Katie Johnson

What inspired your plate for this show? Minimalist line drawings, pure desert color, simplicity.

Phoenix needs more: Confidence.

Phoenix needs less: Self limitation.

What's on your plate this fall? Lots of organic greens. Lol, making art!! Launching SweetArtShop and continuing to run Sweet Decorative Painting, Inc., my beloved business of over 20 years!!! Also taking time to enjoying my family and the great community of friends we have in Phoenix.

See Sweet's work when "Hot Plate!" opens October 4 at R. Pela Contemporary Art.

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