Arty Animals

Turning 21 is an important rite of passage in America. It often involves heavy boozing, crazy stunts, and waking up next to total strangers, but it’s significant nonetheless. On that note, Artlink’s Art Detour 21 promises to be one hell of a party. The free, self-guided tour of Phoenix’s downtown arts scene on Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8, includes nine studios, dozens of galleries, scores of live music events, and a shuttle beginning at Phoenix Center for the Arts, 1202 North Third Street.

Some of the highlights:

After taking a year off to fix building-code problems, monOrchid, 214 East Roosevelt Street, reopens with a dual exhibition featuring Randy Slack and Christina Ramirez. Peep the Tim Burton-esque works of Moldovan artist Serj Palihovici at After Hours Gallery, 116 West McDowell Road, and the return of the mutant piñatas at Bragg’s Pie Factory, 1301 Grand Avenue. "I had no idea last year who was submitting work, so the day of delivery was like Christmas,” quips Bragg’s owner Beatrice Moore of last year’s inaugural “Mutant Piñatas” exhibit. “We had a variety of crazy entries -- everything from little balloon-shaped piñatas [made] by kids with disabilities to an octopus made out of recycled packing peanuts.”

So where does the heavy drinking come into play for the newly adult Detour? Kamikaze Bikes Co-Op is hosting a “Beer & Bike” event in which riders will cruise the streets of Phoenix chugging ale and ogling art (see Not a bad plan, since beer goggles should make even a Styrofoam octopus look good.

Sat., March 7; Sun., March 8, 2009


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