ASU Ranks First for Hottest College Girls
Benjamin Leatherman

ASU Ranks First for Hottest College Girls

Hey, Tempe, you're looking good.

Did you lose weight? Do something with your hair? Maybe it's that year-round tan.

Whatever it is, it's working -- according to

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The website that spotlights half-naked undergrads, drunken brawl videos, and all forms of college-geared shenanigans has compiled a list of the "Top 10 Colleges with the Hottest Girls."

And wouldn't you know it, those saucy Sun Devils came in at number one. According to CollegeDose, ASU's aesthetic win was attributed to its student body (or rather, students' bodies), the lack of clothing due to the heat, females competing for attractiveness at large-scale sporting events, and the fact that the school was a prime stop on Victoria's Secret's PINK Road Trip to the Runway Tour.

When it comes right down to it, CollegeDose states "Arizona State University girls are as hot as it comes, if not hotter than the Arizona sun itself."

Check out the full ranking below.

1. Arizona State University (ASU) 2. Florida State University 3. University of Southern California (USC) 4. Oregon State University 5. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 6. Louisiana State University (LSU) 7. Ohio University 8. Texas A&M University 9. East Carolina University 10. Florida Atlantic University

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