Robert Atkins
Robert Atkins

ASU Redefines "Museum" Starting Tonight

Like it or not, the word "museum" carries a set of associations and connotations, and starting tonight, the ASU Art Museum is doing some redefining.

"Re-thinking the Museum" will showcase residencies and chit-chats with some of the art world's doers and thinkers. The goal is to provoke discussions and to generate new ideas for the future of "art" and "museums" in America.

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Tonight's talk features Robert Atkins -- an art historian, social critic, and former Village Voice columnist who has penned a number of books about contemporary art -- getting all deep about art's nature and how museums can redefine their roles in contemporary times.

Atkins' "The Museum of Knowledge Producer" program begins at 6 p.m. at ASUAM, 51 East 10th Street in Tempe. Admission is free. Hit up this link for more information.


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