Atomic Comics Closes All Four Locations

Animefest at the Chandler Atomic Comics location
Animefest at the Chandler Atomic Comics location
Ryan Wolf

Atomic Comics owner Mike Malve confirmed in a newsletter to industry folks that the Arizona comic shop chain closed all four of its locations as of yesterday, Sunday, August 21.

In an emailed newsletter titled "My Final Report," Malve writes, "As some of you may have already heard, after 25 years of running a successful business, sadly and much to my dismay, I have shut the doors of Atomic Comics."

"The villain in this tragedy is the economy. I had hoped to be the superhero and triumph over the recession, but sadly the economic downturn of the past 5 years has proven to be unsustainable."

This confirmation comes after rumors ran rampant on Twitter and Facebook starting Sunday afternoon and continuing through the evening. 

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