Authority Zero

If the New Year's Eve block parties in Tempe and Scottsdale strike you as — waaaaait for it — "lamestream" alternatives to true ring-out-the-old revelry, why not try a little punk? The pride of Mesa's Westwood High will headline a five-band show on the year's biggest party day, presumably executing their brand of high-tempo, SoCal-style ska-punk up to and through the midnight hour. Besides giving the world its finest cover of Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio," Authority Zero is also the rare third-wave punk outfit that can rightfully lay claim to the title of "working rock band" — they have a national audience, and their most recent album, Stories of Survival, shot all the way to number five on Billboard's Heatseeker chart for up-and-coming bands. (It was their fourth Heatseeker album and probably their last, given that the members are now in their mid-30s.) Joining AZ will be L.A.-based rockers (and sometime NOFX tour companions) Strung Out, local ska-punkers Fayuca, Glendale-based pop-punk funboys Westcott Avenue, and acronymtastic Valley rockers DCVD. Champagne not included.

Fri., Dec. 31, 6 p.m., 2010


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