Back to the Sonic Future

If you think of The Gin Blossoms as the primary legacy of Valley music, you're invited to hop into the Delorean that is "The Grid: Music Edition" exhibition.

The Trunk Space, hosts of this sweet show, posed this simple question to The Shizz online local music community: "What's the oldest Phoenix band you can remember?" The crowd-sourced outpouring necessitated a celebration of the roots of the local music scene and the result is a timeline and family tree of band photos, flyers, and ephemera. Due to time and space constraints, “The Grid” only goes back to 1990, but expect Fatigo, The Format, Minibosses, The Sun City Girls, and Vin Fiz, among other Phoenix favorites, to be represented.

Fri., July 17, 6-9 p.m., 2009


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