Back to the Welles

Cinephiles may know him for his pudgy figure, innovative directing style or his titular role in Citizen Kane, but few know the depth of the political insight that motivated Orson Welles.

Part history lesson and part carefree movie night, this week’s screening and discussion of Welles’s “Touch of Evil” is an opportunity to partake in astute conversation and enjoy a crime thriller that touches on border issues, immigration and communism.

The screening is the last of a four-part series of political, classic films presented by Jeremy Carr, visiting research fellow with the ASU Center for Film Media and Popular Culture. Along with explaining each movie’s historical context, Carr’s goal in hosting the series is to “explore the [film's] themes, background and production details and to understand how the film makers used the medium to express these ideals.”

Mon., Sept. 12, 6 p.m., 2011


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