Bad Dads: The 11 Worst Fathers. Ever.

Almost everyone has been punished by their father at one time or another. But even as terrifying as your pops could be, said punishment probably didn't amount to more than just a spanking or getting grounded.

At least he never tried to stab you with a spear like Ivan the Terrible or unleash regular whippings with his belt like Joe Jackson. And while we're willing to bet you've been embarrassed by your old man at least once, it probably wasn't as bad as David Hasselhoff's drunken cheeseburger episode from a few years back.

These are just three examples of some of the worst dad's ever, a list of which we've compiled in honor of Father's Day this Sunday. To paraphrase that old schmaltzy public service announcement starring Tom Selleck: Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real psychopath to be a bad dad.

11. David Hasselhoff

There are many wholesome ways for a father to bond with his daughter. Drunkenly scarfing down a messy Wendy's cheeseburger at 3 a.m. while laying shirtless on the floor and having your pride and joy record it on her cell phone is not one of them.

10. Alec Baldwin

Everyone fears getting chewed out by their dads after screwing up. But no matter how angry pops has gotten, it's nowhere near as horrifying as the furious voicemail that Alec Baldwin left for his daughter in 2007, calling her (among other things) a "rude little pig."

Bad Dads: The 11 Worst Fathers. Ever.
Lot and his Daughters by Hendrick Goltzius

9. Lot Although Lot is most remembered for his flight from the Sodom (during which his wife was transformed into a pillar of salt), this biblical figure is also guilty of getting busy with his daughters in a cave and conceiving his own grandchildren after getting drunk on wine. No joke.

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