Flowers make humans feel happy.
Flowers make humans feel happy.

Baker Nursery, Let's Shop

Every Arcadian has a special place in their heart for family-owned Baker Nursery (this writer included).

The 10-acre property is filled with every flower, tree, cactus and seed imaginable and has been a neighborhood institution for 42 years.

See? Independent businesses can survive in Phoenix.

While the weather is still tolerable, we recommend a leisurely stroll through this treasure trove of vegetation. Of course, you can buy yourself a pretty flower while you're there but we recommend chatting with the knowledgeable staff about your purchase so your investment isn't choked by our hellish summer weather.

Anyway, check out our slideshow for a little preview.

Baker Nursery, 3414 North 40th Street, 602-955-4500,


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