Bar Flies at Valley Bar: Here's the Lineup for the August 6 Reading

Bar Flies at Valley Bar: Here's the Lineup for the August 6 Reading

Last night Phoenix New Times and Valley Bar brought you the second Bar Flies, another smash hit! (If we say so ourselves.) Get out your calendars, because we have some dates for you for upcoming events. 

The next installment in the live reading series will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, August 6, at Valley Bar (doors open at 6) and will feature 
Zaida Dedolph, Jose Gonzalez, Ken Layne, Anthony Sandoval, and A Claire Slattery. Jason P. Woodbury is the curator for the evening, and as usual, music will be provided by The Audio Ranch. The theme: Love and Other Indoor Sports.

Other upcoming Bar Flies include "Take a Walk," a special Best of Phoenix edition brought to you by New Times, the Museum of Walking, and Scottsdale Public Art on Wednesday, September 30. The event will begin at Valley Bar and end up at Crescent Ballroom. More details coming soon. 

October's event, curated by Becky Bartkowski, will take place October 8 at Valley Bar. The theme is Ghost Stories. 

Admission is free, the drinks are not. And Short Leash is now serving food at Valley Bar. Bonus.

To get information about reading at an upcoming Bar Flies, email Amy at

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