Bear Annihilator: Killer Boards, Bikes and ... Yep, Bears

Bear Annihilator: Killer Boards, Bikes and ... Yep, Bears

The artists behind

Bear Annihilator

, a local apparel brand, say they're dedicated to producing the "

highest quality mutant, robotic, over-sized and irate-bear related clothing in the world

." We're just happy they blog about it, too.

The Bear Annihilator brand was born in 2008. Its designs are a blend of street, skate and surf-styles and are printed on T-shirts, decks, and posters that are sold through the website, which, you guessed it, is also the home to the blog.

Always wanted to see a base jumper on fire, the latest mash-up video of a popular tune or just a ton of killer bear cartoon eye candy? These guys have it all in one place.

Bear Annihilator: Killer Boards, Bikes and ... Yep, Bears

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Perhaps our favorite part of the blog are the featured pieces on street sports. Because much of their apparel is made for skaters and bike fanatics, they also post a ton of skate videos and bike pictures.

It may not be enough to really satify the want to go outside and do something, but it beats checking e-mail and makes 5 p.m. come around a little bit faster. Here's just a taste:

The Bear Annihilator team says they'll keep the blog running as long as they can find inspiration around the Valley and on the web -- and we have a feeling they'll have plenty to work with for quite some time.

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