Beating The Buzzers

Phoenix Suns fans hoping to get a look at Eric Gordon (the dynamic shooting guard who would be wearing orange this season were it not for contractual obligations down in the Big Easy) are as sorely disappointed as the knee that has kept Gordon sidelined all season. Instead, planet orange will get its first look at the lanky rookie phenom Anthony Davis, whose defensive presence is almost as impressive as his unibrow. Don't worry, nose-bleeders, you could see it from space -- let alone the upper deck at U.S. Airways Center, 201 East Jefferson Street.

Potshots aside, Davis' humility and natural talent will make Nola' relevant for years to come. And it'll be a safe bet that the Hornets' newly acquired starting center, Suns castoff Robin Lopez, will be looking to prove a thing or two when the younger, more hirsute Hornets buzz into town on Friday, November 23. Albeit a far cry from the high-caliber Steve Nash-Chris Paul showdowns of yesteryear, fans can still expect a very evenly matched Western Conference duel.

Fri., Nov. 23, 7 p.m., 2012


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