LabelHorde's looking for models to show off their new line of evening wear and swimsuits.
LabelHorde's looking for models to show off their new line of evening wear and swimsuits.
courtesy of LabelHorde

Beauty Call

Hey, good-lookin', put on your game face -- the ladies of LabelHorde, the local fashion directory and resource guide, are on the prowl.

"Spotlight: The Search for LabelHorde's Top Model" hits the runway Wednesday, August 11 -- in downtown Scottsdale, natch -- and though the competition may not be pretty, anybody with the guts is welcome to take a shot.

The hopeful and hot (to trot) are to arrive at the 7 p.m. prescreening, explains Angela Johnson, LabelHorde founder and creative director, and hand over the $15 entry fee. Before the public arrives for the 10 p.m. runway show, each contestant will be asked to shake that little tush on the catwalk -- or, as Johnson puts it, "to walk and turn for the judges," who will then choose 20 contestants. They'll be prepped (hair, makeup and wardrobe provided by LabelHorde) to strut their newly styled stuff in evening wear and swimsuits -- in front of the Valley's most fashion-conscious crowd.



Six, 7310 East Stetson in Scottsdale

Is looking for some hot stuff, baby, Wednesday evening, August 11. Doors open at 9 p.m.; the competition takes the catwalk at 10. Cover is $5. See for details.

"We will be judging on their look, their walk and how comfortable they seem in front of the audience," Johnson says, "as well as how they react to being plucked from the crowd, thrown into the show, having hair and makeup done, being forced to wear things that they have no control over, and still be able to carry it off.

"We want to make sure that these models can handle what we normally throw at them in a common modeling situation." (We're no experts, but our money's on the contestant who -- unlike Derek Zoolander -- is capable of turning left.)

The top six contestants -- three males and three females -- win LabelHorde memberships, valued at $50 to $200. The very hottest he and she also receive a portfolio starter kit of professional photos and a contract with the Ford Robert Black modeling agency.


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