Berry Oxy Martini at The Compound Grill

Berry Oxy Martini at The Compound Grill
Hannah E Williams

Since there's really no better accessory than a cocktail in your hand, each week brings you a tasty adult beverage from one of our favorite drinking establishments, complete with recipe.

This week: The Berry Oxy Martini at The Compound Grill.

Who says your antioxidants have to come from prunes or even a glass of red wine? The Berry Oxy Martini at The Compound Grill packs its punch with pomegranate and -- Oprah's favorite -- açaí berries. Did we mention that this is the vodka that  tastes like the wild-cherry hard candies of childhood?

(Recipe after the jump.)

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1.5 oz Three Olives Cherry Vodka
1 oz Açaí juice
Dash of Pom
Splash of Sprite

Pour the vodka, açaí, and Pom over ice in a martini shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. Top with Sprite and garnish with fresh antioxidant-packed berries. Bartender's note: the martini may be a little thick because of the açaí juice's density.

Retire that tired old Cosmo and make this your new signature pink drink.

Looking for something a little more masculine? The bar manager's mixed up a forthcoming drink menu featuring the intriguing Torched Cherry Lemonade and Ginger Ninja. Score.

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