Best of Phoenix: Hero Worship

Best of Phoenix: Hero Worship

In a world where good forces are surrounded by dark ones, eight people each found one person he or she worshiped.

Each New Times contributor (the worshiper), was given the opportunity to sit down, ask a few questions and share the story of his or her hero (the worshiped) as part of our superhero-themed Best of Phoenix issue, which hit stands today.

Since we're a little obsessed with the arts and culture (as if you couldn't tell), we'd like to point out that these hero profiles included the likes of Beatrice Moore, Sam, and Angela Ellsworth as told by Amy Silverman, Lilia Menconi, and Sativa Peterson (respectively) in print and video.

Now, let's be real, we can't fit it all in a blog post. So click on the image above (or right here) to view the eight Hero Worship profiles in a nice presentation fit for a hero.


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