Big Brain Update: Joseph "Sentrock" Perez
Photo by Jamie Peachey

Big Brain Update: Joseph "Sentrock" Perez

Joseph Perez has had a busy year. When we caught up with him last year, the local artist and dancer was break dancing/painting (in one motion) and kicking off The Rise Project, a youth urban arts program. 

Since, we've seen his work grow out of his pop-up studio on Roosevelt and into a spot on Grand Avenue, and his designs on the wall at the Downtown Market, on canvases at Bragg's Pie Factory and A.E. England Gallery, and on T-shirts at The Lab

Today, we're checking up on Perez, who won a Big Brain award last year for performing art.

1. What have you been up to for the last year? 
I have just been making/creating art, running the Rise Project, and performing w/ my crew. 

2. What do you want to accomplish in the next year? 
In this next year, I am seeking to progress and get better as an artist, not any type of artist but all aound an artist. I'm planning on going to Chicago for the summer and working on art with Chris Silva. 

I hope to redefine my art and one day become the greatest artist to come out West Side Phoenix.


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