"Skateboard Art(ist)" tears up the concrete at Holgas.
"Skateboard Art(ist)" tears up the concrete at Holgas.
Tom Cooper

Board Stiffs

Skateboarding has always been an art form (after all, if your mom could pull off a 540 board varial or a 900-degree spin, then Tony Hawk would be just another SoCal skate rat with a mess of medical bills). Then there are actual artists, like Tucson's Sam Esmoer, who've made a living creating intricate and bitchin' artwork for decks and tee shirts. The two worlds collide as Holgas, 821 North Third Street, kicks off its monthlong show "Skateboard Art(ist)" with an opening-night party on Friday, November 5. The exhibition will feature a truckload of new work from the residents of the artsy apartment complex, many of which incorporate skateboard blanks provided by local skate moguls at AZPX Industries. Guest artists like Esmoer, Robert Locker, Hans Swanson, Tara Logsdon, and Mykil Zep will also represent; local skateboard tricksters will be on hand to smoke the half-pipe; and the Smoky Mountain Skullbusters will perform. The grind begins at 8 p.m. Admission is free. Call 480-540-2917 or see www.holgas.com. -- Benjamin Leatherman

Puppy Love

Let the dogs out this weekend

Sat 11/6
There'll be plenty of fine bitches begging for a good time at the Merry Mutt Strut and Holiday PetFest at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza, 3939 North Drinkwater Boulevard, on Saturday, November 6. Grab a leash and take Fifi for a leisurely stroll at this fund raiser for the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Bring a pet food donation for the YWCA's We Feed Four Feet program. There will be pooch prizes, pet-related vendor booths and treats for peeps and pups at the finish line. Registration, $40 for individuals and $50 for a family, begins at 8 a.m. Visit www.aawl.org. --C. Murphy Hebert

Palm Is My Co-Pilot

Soothsayer says...

If you're dying to contact the dead, can't wait to know the future, or just curious about the color of your aura, check out the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, 111 North Third Street, on Saturday, November 6, and Sunday, November 7. There will be 60 exhibitors, a bazaar with crystals, clothing, herbs and other holistic essentials, and more than 40 free lectures on topics ranging from spiritual visions to palmistry. There may be some actual tree hugging or Om chanting, but we make no promises. The expo caters to those who have adopted an alternative lifestyle and related businesses. "It's a different experience," says Laura Suter, expo spokeswoman. "We have a lot of skeptics who come and they realize it's not that far out there." Admission is $8 for the entire weekend. Visit www.bmse.net or call 541-482-3722. --C. Murphy Hebert


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