Yes, he really does tell dirty jokes: Comedian Bob Saget.
Yes, he really does tell dirty jokes: Comedian Bob Saget.

Bob Almighty

Depending on whom you ask -- and where you direct your Web browser -- Bob Saget is God (, or Bob Saget is Satan ( "There's some pretty frightening Internet stuff about me," Saget says, aware of the religious wars being waged in his name.

The actor and comedian -- who visits the Tempe Improv this weekend -- is no stranger to extremes: Best-known as the clean-freak dad on Full House and the squeaky-clean host of America's Funniest Home Videos, Saget is lesser-known for his standup comedy act, which holds more dirt than an upright Hoover.

"I'll say bad things," Saget admits, "but I'm a good man.

"When I do a club like the Tempe Improv, it's not something to bring kids to . . . I'm R-rated," he explains.

"My favorite thing is the first five minutes when I walk out on stage -- people's faces. Half the people know the tone of where I'm coming from, and the other half don't have a clue.

"They've heard, 'Go see this guy,' and they go, 'Bob Saget? From Full House? I don't want to see that. Eww. He's gonna do corny jokes like he did on the videos show.'

"And then they come and see it, and it's just funny, 'cause I come out like a machine gun . . . and the audience just goes into shock."

Kind of like when folks see him out on the town with his former Full House family, including the bilateral Olsen empire.

"People go, 'Holy shit! It's the cast of Full House! What are they doing? Why are they friends?'"

Indeed, fans say the darnedest things.

"What people always say when they see my standup -- it's a backhanded compliment, it's not meant to be insulting," Saget says, "but people will say, 'I didn't know you were funny.'" -- By Jill Koch

Bob Saget is scheduled to perform at the Tempe Improv, 930 East University, Thursday, July 1, through Saturday, July 3. Tickets are $20. Call 480-921-9877.


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