"Body Worlds" Coming Back to Arizona Science Center: Ick or Awesome?

"Body Worlds" Coming Back to Arizona Science Center: Ick or Awesome?

How disgusting: Dr. Gunther von Hagens must be a head case to bring more than 200 preserved human bodies to Arizona Science Center for a limited engagement.

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How rad: The renowned German anatomist and his slices of life will teach folks all about the brain in his latest "Body Worlds" exhibit that was first presented in 1995 in Tokyo and has stirred divisiveness ever since. (The Catholic Church and a number of Jewish rabbis are staunchly opposed to the displays of human remains while scientists and artists have applauded von Hagens' groundbreaking work.)

Controversial or not, "Body Worlds and The Brain" which focuses on the brain and nervous system with in-your-face anatomical structures, will probably attract a bunch of folks when it opens early next year. In 2007, "Body Worlds 3: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies" docked at the Arizona Science Center for five months and drew more than 420,000 visitors.

The exhibition opens in January, at the Arizona Science Center, 600 East Washington Street. Adult admission costs $13 for Science Center members, and $25 for non-members. For more event information and specific opening dates, check out www.azscience.org and/or www.bodyworlds.com.

Note: This article has been edited from its original content to reflect the event's opening details.

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