Bone Daddy

We were pretty fired up a few weeks ago to rap with Bob Saget, but our enthusiasm paled in comparison with that of our 20-year-old nephew. Said young dude, in reference to when fixed-gear bicyclists “Bob Saget” someone they feel is a flamboyant rider, “No way!!!! All of my fixie friends would shit their panties!!!!!!”

Seems like the Full House alumni – who showed his true side to the masses during his XXX-rated rant in The Aristocrats – has a way with university-aged kids. During Saget’s interview with New Times, he talked at length about his lifelong stand-up career, including his time “doing a lot of colleges. And when I say doing them, I don’t mean performing,” he says.

Typically awesome Saget.

The 53-year-old funnyman has been up to some super-awesome ventures of late. Along with a recent guest spot on Entourage, he also delivered an hour-long pilot to A&E. The reportage-style, documentary-comedy show, which he hopes gets picked up in the fall, studies weird subcultures throughout the world. In the meantime, Saget is on a comedy tour that will feature a stand-up about his love of movies, relationships (he’s been single for about a year now), and some new tunes, though he’ll most likely sing the oldie but goodie “My Dog Licked My Balls” as some point, too.

Saget performs in the round at Celebrity Theater where, he says, “I hope that my penis doesn’t get stuck in the rotating stage like a Disney ride and I get dragged around the place.”

Fri., Oct. 9, 8 p.m., 2009


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