Bookshelfies Are Selfies for Lit Snobs

Bookshelfies Are Selfies for Lit Snobs

If a picture is a worth a thousand words, a new trend of Tumblr selfies is certainly speaking volumes. Hispters, book snobs, and all genres of literary narcissists are putting their self-portraits to scholarly use in the new photo blog, bookshelfies.

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In bookshlefies, users combine their love of the written word with their love of their own reflection by posting self-portraits in front of book shelves. The novels on the shelves, intentionally up close and legible, are listed below so other viewers can click, compare, and maybe even pick up a copy for themselves.

While the bookshelfies tumblr is hardly a page-turner (the infant blog only has one page at this point), we could easily see this becoming the new trend on selfie-centric social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and whatever the nerd equivalent of Tinder is.

But before you jump on this new chapter of Internet selfies, just remember: Even though we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, doesn't mean we're going to stop judging you.

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