Borderland Beatdown

Hispanics everywhere hate RJ Brewer. And he loves every minute of it.

As one of the biggest villains on MTV2’s Mexican-style wrestling show Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors, the 32-year-old grappler has been showered with trash, boos, and practically every single Spanish vulgarity imaginable. It ain’t surprising, considering the 6-foot, 225-pound wrestler -- or at least his character -- claims to be the offspring of Governor Jan Brewer. Oh, he also supposedly patrols the border and battles luchadores in the ring who’ve illegally entered the U.S. This tends to get Lucha Libre USA’s largely Hispanic fans plenty furioso.

Brewer will likely earn plenty of boos when he will wrestle iconic Mexican-born legend Blue Demon Jr. when Lucha Libre USA brings its Masked Warriors Live! event to Celebrity Theatre. The card also includes Marco Corleone challenging Lizmark Jr. for the program’s heavyweight title and appearances by former WWE superstars Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Shane Helms.

Sun., April 29, 5 p.m., 2012


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