Brag Kings

If nothing else, the members of Tucson indie rock outfit seemingly have an endless supply of confidence in their sound. How do we know this? Just check out the slogan on their MySpace page, bub, featuring the declaration that they're the "Most Underrated Band in The World.” Normally we’d just chalk this up to typicial musician swagger, but their bragging is backed up by the quality and diversity coolness of their music. The Jons’ sound is a diverse one, fluctuations between punkish hooks and riffs on songs like “Heroes Aren't Alone” and “Holly's Gay,” to such poppy and jangly jams numbers as “Miss Yugatu” and “1.21 Jiggawats.” The New Up, Eight Days a Week, and others will share the bill with The Jons at their Hollywood Alley gig.
Tue., Sept. 2, 8 p.m., 2008


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