Brazilian Little Pieces

Acclaimed author Ann Patchett loves her comfy home and indie bookshop in her native Nashville. But she loves readers, too, so she's road-tripping to chat about and sign State of Wonder, her 2011 novel about a pharma researcher's perilous search for a fellow scientist who disappeared in the Amazon on the trail of a wonder drug.

According to O: The Oprah Magazine, State of Wonder reprises the fetishy girl-on-girl hair-braiding motif from Patchett's megahit, Bel Canto. But we're also thinking it must be kinda like Apocalypse Now (né Heart of Darkness) plus cannibals, deadly insects and snakes, and female characters.

In any case, Patchett can write (and talk) about anything, as scads of online interviews and a recent appearance on The Colbert Report indicate. So get yourself to Changing Hands Bookstore. The event is free, but pre-ordering the book, which is now available in paperback for $15.99, guarantees you a seat (while they last) and a place in line.

Thu., May 10, 7 p.m., 2012


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