Breaking Loose

The air traffic controllers occupying the tower at Sky Harbor have enormously high-stress jobs to be sure, given they deal with more than 1,200 flights on the daily. Fingers crossed those radar geeks won’t lose their shizzle if a few unknown blips pop onto their screens Saturday. Those won't be rogue planes, but b-boys and girls catching serious air during MY Fest ‘13 nearby at Tempe Beach Park, 54 West Rio Salado Parkway.

Urban dance crews will converge there to drop dance moves and become unidentified flying objects during battles at the free festival’s BreakStreet Cyphers Stage. Elsewhere at the youth-oriented event (which aims to raise awareness of teen bullying and its tragic consequences) graf artists will put paint to plywood, local bands like reggae-rockers The VeraGroove and such rappers as Tok-Sik and Big J are scheduled to perform, games and vendors will offer fun distractions, and informational booths will offer info on how to put a stop to bullying.

Sun., March 24, 12-5 p.m., 2013


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