Bringing Down the Houses

It's hard to imagine the delicate arrangements and understated instrumentation of Portland chamber-pop collective Eskimo & Sons providing the soundtrack to a summertime house party. But there they are, barnstorming the West at such storied venues as Ian’s House in Long Beach, 445 Hampshire Street in San Francisco, and K-House in Boise. We expect it will be a treat, then, for the underage quartet – some of whom are too young to play clubs – when it headlines a five-band bill at a nonresidence: the anti-club named Trunk Space.

What's not hard to imagine is a Trunk Space crowd transfixed by the disarming vocals of young Danielle Sullivan. Not yet sexy, but well past sweet, her unrefined (but getting there) voice -- fronting electric piano, acoustic guitar, and drums -- is the sound of summer romance in bloom when she sings: "I will be your eyelashes / I'll catch the dust that blows / From the tornado / That is too painful / For your eyes." We expect a few crushes to develop before Eskimo & Sons roll on to Matt's Basement in Santa Fe.

The Red River, The Bustling Townships, Black Jacket, and Fluorescent Pastries share the bill.


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