An Online Escape for Relaxation (Seriously) An Online Escape for Relaxation (Seriously)

Whether you're battling a case of the Wednesdays or want to punch someone after watching last night's presidential debate, there's a web address that will clear your mind for two to ten minutes at a time. is described simply as a "place to relax."

Visitors can choose from a variety of relaxing locations -- a beach, a lake, a grassy field, a stream -- as well as musical backgrounds and whether or not they'd like a soothing voiceover to guide them through short intervals of breathing. Is it cheesy? Of course. But if you don't have time to get outside for a walk or hit your head on the copy machine a few times, here's your free, online escape.

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The site was founded in April 2012 and already has 62,000 Facebook likes and 5,000 followers on Twitter -- most of whom would probably rather be on vacation in's featured locations, but make do with the virtual alternative.

Fair warning: The waterscapes are likely to have a similar effect as an office fountain, so you might have to take a walk to the bathroom after all.

Here's to the end of Wednesday ...

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