Can I Kick It?

The irony of overweight America's fascination with dance competitions is not lost on us. Whether it involves scoping out celebs on Dancing With the Stars or watching You Got Served (or its South Park parody), it's mesmerizing to see toned humans in calculated, meaningful motion. Though the most skilled Dance Central player would beg to differ, the art of movement isn’t easy. It requires discipline and talent, making it nice (and easy) to leave choreography to the pros.

Scorpius Dance Theatre portrays excellence through its Kick-A Dance Showcase, featuring solo, duet, and group works in contemporary modern, hip-hop, and break dance from 16 Arizona- and Los Angeles-based choreographers.

Scorpius' director and choreographer, Lisa Starry, says it's not your average repertory production, adding that the kicky creations might very well knock you out of your seat.

May 3-5, 8 p.m., 2012


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